Jerry Atwood Music
Jerry Atwood Music

Jerry had 12 years of classical piano training but has performed for many years in bands or duos doing soul and funk, rock'n'roll, Motown, big band, Latin music, musical theater, standards, and cabaret music from around the world.


Jerry's primary work consists of accompanying excellent vocalists as the pianist or one-man-band, at private parties or at public venues such as restaurants and night clubs.


Jerry is also pretty darn good at accompanying singers in the mode many now call karaoke -- Jerry says Jerry-oke, the original mode of the beast.  Jerry can play thousands of songs in any of the 12 keys to match the range of the singer.  He can do this on a small scale with folks standing around the piano and song lyrics on the laptop or flatscreen, or do it on a large scale with lyrics projected on a big screen for a party of hams.